Pushkar is one of those travelers centers where people go for a little respite from the hardship of life on the Indian road. It is 11km from Ajmer but separated from it by Nag Pahar, the snake Mountain, and is situated right on the edge of the desert. The beautiful Pushkar ha many bathing ghats and temples. It is a very important pilgrimage center for Hindus. It is also famous for the huge Camel fair. It has an very important pilgrimage site since many were destroyed by Aurangzeb and subsequently rebuilt. 

The most famous is the Brahma Temple which is dedicated to Brahma. 

Mahadeva Templewhich was built in the 19th century and is well-known for its white marble image of Mahadeva with five faces. 

Ramavaikunth Temple is also one of the largest temples in Pushkar.

Varah Temple was one of the many temples destroyed by Emperor Aurangzeb. It is said that he particularly detested the life-size image of Varah, the god with the head of a wild boar and the body of a man. 

Savitri Temple is situated on the hill behind the Bramha Temple, and a long series of steps has to be climbed to reach it. 

Man Mahal is a palace built by Raja Man Singh which is the largest royal house in Pushkar. 

Other things to see: are the Pushkar Palace, Pushkar Bazaar, Pushkar Fair. 

Getting There 
By Air : Kishangarh 22 kms and Jaipur, 146km. from Pushkar is the nearest airport. 
By Rail : Ajmer, 11 km from Pushkar is the nearest railhead. 
By Bus : Buses depart frequently from the stop to nearby railway station. There are regular bus services between Pushkar and Ajmer. 

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